The Grands E1: I’m On A Boat

You’ve met the Grands, now you get to see what made them hang up their slippers for one last hurrah. The Grands receive a mysterious message from a not so mysterious sender and are off on their Grand Adventure.

Episode Sixty-Nine: We’re doing this for you. Nice

That’s right folks, this episode is a big one for us. So big that we blew through episodes 51-68 just for this event. It has been 2 years since we released our first episode just 2 years ago. It’s also the end of our Season 1 main series before joining the Dads in season 2 of what they do. Join us as we talk the poorly numbered Ep 68 part 2 episode of Dungeons and Daddies.

Heads up, next week we start something new and exciting to get you through until the DnDaddies Season 2 starts up.