About Talking Sons

About the Pod

Talking Sons is a podcast made by fans of the Dungeons and Daddies podcast. The DnDaddies podcast is a real play podcast about four dads from our world transported into the Forgotten Realms and their quest to rescue their sons. The four dads travel to interesting places, kill interesting characters, and generally do whatever they can to throw a monkey wrench into the DM’s best laid plans. With a regular cast of four funny writers, an accomplished DM, and a supporting cast of NPCs submitted by the audience, there’s always something new to listen for and discuss.

Talking Sons was originally created in 1186 at the height of the Holy Roman Empire by a court wizard gifted with advanced precognition. Unfortunately, since the ipod was roughly nine centuries away from being invented, nobody could be convinced to listen to his deranged babbling in person. He was burned at the stake for heresy, whichcraft, and the capital crime of leaking an excess of puns. 

After the invention of the internet, mp3 player, and shake weight, it was time again for Talking Sons to begin reporting on the mishaps suffered by the Four Dads who were sucked into the forgotten realms. 

Meet the Cast:

The podcast was created by four hosts who enjoyed talking about nothing in particular but realized they wouldn’t find an audience that way.

  • Barry is an insurance adjuster who enjoys breeding labradoodles for lab experiments in his free time. He has a loving couch and three kitchen chairs. When not recording the podcast, he can be found out at his favorite bar doing pull-ups with his friends. 
  • Larry is a part time Magician and Home Renovator. He enjoys knocking holes in walls while telling knock-knock jokes. If you would like to request his services, please give him a call at 1-800-FlippingMagic.
  • Harry just is.
  • Mary rounds out the group with her southern charm and sweet treats. She doesn’t care who wins as long as everybody has a good time, unless it’s Auburn. Mary always wishes that Auburn would lose.

Unfortunately, the original cast disappeared in a freak mini-van accident during the middle of a roller derby match and have not been seen since. Despite reported sightings of Anthony Burch hiring the roller derby combatants to push the van over a cliff with the four cast members trapped inside, no charges have been made and the deaths and subsequent deletion of all records of this run of Talking Sons from the internet have been ruled a four-way suicide.  

Currently, Talking Sons is produced by the Son Squad who is made up of chuckleheads who found that there wasn’t anybody doing this and decided to try it out.