Side Quest 1: Pirate High

Hey Everyone! This week we have a one shot for you based on the “You Awaken in a Strange Place” rules. Listen to 4/5ths of the sons crew bumble through a Pirate Highschool adventure!

Here’s the scenario: “It is the last day of pirate finals. Unbeknownst to the students of Pirate High, students from the rival Barry’s Buccaneer Academy have snuck in to disrupt things. The students of Pirate High must defeat their rivals while achieving passing grades in their finals!”

Meet the pirate crew:

  • Elmer Mercury the Cursed, who is good at cursing things, played by Agnitti
  • Daisuke Nakamura the stereotypical anime protagonist, played by Luke
  • Rebekah Kill’n’stab the valley girl transfer student, played by Nikki