The Grands E2: Where the Swamp Witches Are

Talking Sons returns when the dads do. In the meantime, join us on our geriatric excursion. In this session, the Grands head into the swamp and menace a Swamp Witch.

The Grands E0: Introductions

Hey everyone! Check out our new thing that we’ll be running while we wait for more DnDaddies content to launch in a few months. Get to know the lovable grandparents that we’ll be running in our new campaign: The Grands.

April Fools Outtakes: Talking Grandsons Episode 1

It’s our April Fools Outtake compilation! Enjoy the best of the cutting room floor from the last year.

original message:

Hey everyone! We have a special treat for you today. This is the first episode of a Podcast about a Podcast about a Podcast. That’s right! TS gets its own meta cast! Join our four brand-new hosts as they discuss the smash hit fancast, Talking Sons.

Special Guest Episode: Dungeons and Kidneys

It’s our super special Kidney event! Four people flung into the forgotten realms due to a clerical error and the Paladin who’s taken them under his wing so they don’t die horrible, horrible deaths have to perform a fantasy nephrectomy to save one of Henry Oak’s beautiful, beautiful boys!

You can be a part of this with us and help non-fantasy people with kidney disease! Join us in supporting UCLA’s CORE Kidney program by making a donation at

Our theme music is by Alexander Nakarada, Editing by Agnitti. Brad Teague is Casca the Paladin, the role of Darryl Scott Wilson is played by Lindy Newman, Ronnie Stampler is played by Kjersti Chippindale, The Stepford Wives’s Glenn Close playing the role of Dirk Mithral is played by Ari Decherd, and Jordan French played the role Henry “Hank” Oak. The Kidney Master is Anthony Burch.

Special thanks to every kidney donor and recipient out there, to everyone who reached out about being a part of this, and especially to you for making a donation at!