Episode Thirty-Three: So it’s war, then?

The Son Squad talks Episode 51 – An escape plan for that.  We react to Elizabeth Warden and Sly Sylvester! Also, vaping? A surprising amount of discussion around vapes.

Episode Thirty: Close Encounters of the Fifth Dad

Hey everyone, it’s Kelly’s final episode with the Son Squad! Follow her on twitter at https://twitter.com/kellymckelly or somewhere else. We recap Episode 48 – Carry On My Wayward Son and talk Entourage.

Episode Twenty-Eight: The Narc Knight (ft. Freddie Wong)

This episode, the son squad is joined by Freddie Wong! We dive deep into the legal proceedings of Ep. 46 – The People vs. Glenn Close to tease out the legal strategy used against Glenn Close.

Join us as we work with Freddie to work shop potential strategies that could see his character get off scot-free. We bring our research and deep knowledge of court precedents to dissect the events of the first session and help him build an airtight strategy to prove his innocence in the upcoming court session.