TSCE Ep 11: Flight Risk

Oh Hey! Another Community Episode is here! Since the daddies did a Hey Riddle Riddle crossover, we get to do a Community Episode! Special Thanks to Rob and Felix for helping us talk about this thing.

Episode Twenty-Four: Talking Sons and the Half-elf Prince

We recap Episode 42 – Henry’s Father and the Chamber of Secrets. Lots of show discussion, some discussion on how Ron can find Jod, and far more Twilight discussion than I was expecting.

Episode Twenty-Three: hoaks (by Taylor Swift)

In this episode, the Son Squad continues to comment on Henry’s romp through an 0E dungeon and Glenn’s descent into pyromania as we recap Episode 41 – oaklore.

Episode Twenty-Two: Ancient Oaklore

In this episode, the Son Squad celebrates the great Ernst Gygax’s greatest creation, Gary Gygax who then went on to create some games that we still talk about on occasion. We also recap Episode 40 – Rules for Dadtastic Medieval Wargames.

Episode Twenty-One: Boulevard of Oaken Dreams (Feat. Will Campos)

In this episode, the Son Squad is joined by Will Campos to recap Episode 39: Forgotten Realms! Listen as Will answers for his crimes in a court of some kind!

Episode Twenty: Oak and Dagger

Leading off with a review of Henry Oak’s Rocks Rock Album, the Son Squad recaps Episode 38: Clone Tree Hill. From there, it’s all downhill as we try to rank Podcast DMs in order of sexiness and pretty much offend everybody involved.

Episode Nineteen: Dungeons and Daddies

In this episode, the Son Squad gets trolled hardcore by the daddies, discusses the touching father son moment between Darryl and Grant, and wonders just how Henry takes it. Recap of Episode 37 – Talking Sons.

Special Episode: Fathers Day Special 2020 (feat. Matt Arnold)

We have a special Sunday drop because it’s Fathers Day! Call your Dad! For our final Community Episode, we have Matt Arnold on the podcast to help us recap the 11.5 BDSM episode of Talking Dads.